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Have you ever wondered how much French tip nails cost? If you’re considering getting this classic and elegant nail design, then you shoul know what to expect in terms of pricing.

Before booking an appointment, understand the factors that can affect the cost of French tip nails.

Being informed helps you make smart decisions and get the most bang for your buck.

Let’s dig into the details and explore the cost of French tip nails.

French Tip Nails Price in New York, California, Hawaii

How Much Do French Tip Nails Cost

The cost of manicures, prices can vary significantly from state to state.

The average cost of a basic manicure ranges from $20 to $40.

States with higher costs include New York, California, and Hawaii, where the average price for a manicure is above $30.

On the other hand, states like Mississippi, Alabama, and Kentucky have the lowest average price for a basic manicure, which falls below $25.

Keep in mind that the cost can also depend on the specific salon or spa, as well as the expertise and experience of the nail technician.

Therefore, it’s essential to compare prices in your area to find the best deal.

The Average Cost of French Tip Nails

The average cost of a basic manicure ranges from $20 to $40, while a deluxe treatment can cost between $40 and $60.

The addition of French tips can add an extra $5 to $10 to the total cost.

Additional costs for nail enhancements such as gel or acrylic nails can range from $40 to $90, depending on the salon and the type of enhancement.

Spa facilities may also have additional costs, with prices for services such as hand massages and paraffin treatments varying between $10 and $30.

The Cost Breakdown

Below is a breakdown of the costs for various nail services:

  • Standard manicure: $15-$25
  • Standard pedicure: $25-$45
  • Acrylics: $30-$50
  • Gel: $35-$55
  • French manicure: $20-$30
  • Nail repairs: $5-$15

Add-ons such as designs and paraffin treatments can range from $5-$20.

For more specific pricing, it’s best to consult with the salon directly.

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French Tip Nails/Menicure Price in 50 States

The average cost of a manicure varies by state.

Here are the average costs for a manicure in all 50 states:

Arkansas$30New Hampshire$35
California$40New Jersey$40
Colorado$35New Mexico$30
Connecticut$35New York$67
Delaware$35North Carolina$35
Florida$35North Dakota$30
Indiana$30Rhode Island$35
Iowa$30South Carolina$30
Kansas$30South Dakota$30
Minnesota$35West Virginia$24

These prices are based on the average cost of a basic manicure and may vary depending on the salon and additional services offered.

Gel Nails Cost

Gel nails cost between $35 to $80 for a basic manicure and $50 to $120 for a full set of extensions.

Prices are based on the salon, location, and technician’s skill level.

Additional services like nail art and repairs may have extra charges.

Prices may also be affected by market trends and promotions.

To get an accurate quote, it’s best to contact the salon directly.

Standard Manicure includes

Standard Manicure involves the following steps:

1. Nail filing and shaping 

2. Cuticle care, which include pushing back the cuticles and trimming excess skin

3. Application of a base coat, two coats of nail polish, and a top coat for a polished finish

4. Additional services such as hand massage, moisturizing treatments, or exfoliation may be offered for an extra fee

UV light is used For gel manicures, to cure and set the gel polish, providing longer-lasting results.

Standard nail art, such as simple designs and accent nails, is often available for an additional cost, typically ranging from $5 to $15, depending on the complexity of the design.

These additional services can enhance the overall manicure experience and allow for customization based on individual preferences.

Nail Polish Types

There are different types of nail polish available.

Basic nail polish is common and comes in various colors and finishes.

It costs $8 to $15 per bottle.

Additional charges may apply for French manicures, nail designs, and treatments. Nail designs include hand-painted designs, gems, and ombre.

Hand-painted designs cost $5 to $10 per nail, and gems cost $1 to $5 per nail.

French manicures cost an extra $5 to $10.

Nail treatments, like strengthening or nourishing treatments, cost $10 to $20 per treatment.

Overall, nail polish and treatments offer options for unique and stylish nail looks.

Manicure Maintenance Costs

The cost of manicure maintenance can differ depending on the type of service and location.

Basic manicures typically range from $20-30, while French manicures can vary from $25-35.

Gel manicures usually average around $30-45, and acrylic manicures can cost between $35-50.

The cost for touch-ups typically falls between $10 and $20, while gel and acrylic refills have an average cost of $25-40.

Nail art can also contribute to the overall maintenance expenses, with prices ranging from $5 to $20 per nail design.

It’s important to keep in mind that these prices are just averages, and they may vary depending on the salon and location.

When budgeting for manicure maintenance, it’s essential to consider the frequency of touch-ups and refills to ensure that the overall costs fit within your budget.

Understanding the average costs for different manicure services can help individuals plan and budget for their regular maintenance needs, ultimately enhancing the overall experience of getting their nails done.

Deluxe manicure Cost

A deluxe manicure involves filing and shaping the nails, trimming the cuticles, buffing the nails, enjoying a hand massage, and having the nails painted with a color of choice.

The wide range of services that should be included in a deluxe manicure may also incorporate options such as exfoliation, moisturizing mask, paraffin wax treatment, and hot towel wrap.

The cost range for a deluxe manicure can vary depending on the location and the salon, but typically falls between $30 to $50.

Some deluxe manicure services may also offer additional add-ons such as nail art, gel or acrylic extensions, and specialty treatments for an extra cost.

Whether it’s a basic shaping and painting or a more luxurious spa-like experience, a deluxe manicure provides a range of services to cater to different preferences and budgets.

Acrylic nails Cost

Acrylic nails are made of liquid monomer and powder polymer, creating a durable and long-lasting finish.

They are versatile, as they can be shaped and styled to the wearer’s preferences.

Whether you’re new to acrylic nails or experienced, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of the process, maintenance, and potential risks involved.

Acrylic nails are a widely sought-after nail enhancement option, with estimated annual revenues exceeding $7 billion globally.

They are known for their durability and strength, and can last up to two to three weeks with proper maintenance.

Acrylic nails are also highly customizable, allowing wearers to choose from a variety of shapes, lengths, and designs to suit their personal style.

It’s important to note, however, that acrylic nails require regular maintenance and upkeep to prevent lifting, breakage, and potential damage to the natural nails.

Additionally, it’s crucial to have them applied and removed by a trained and experienced nail technician to minimize the risk of damage to the natural nails.

Gel manicure Cost

A gel manicure involves applying layers of gel polish to the natural nail and curing each layer under a UV or LED light.

The cost of a gel manicure typically ranges from $25 to $60 and can last up to three weeks.

Gel manicures have benefits such as their long-lasting nature and glossy finish, while potential risks include damage to the natural nail from improper removal.

Compared to acrylic nails, gel nails are more flexible and natural-looking. The cost of gel nail polish ranges from $10 to $20, with UV/LED lights costing between $20 to $100.

Additional nail art options, such as rhinestones or decals, can cost between $5 to $20.

Gel nails can be removed through soaking, filing, or using acetone.

Switching to gel manicures can result in cost savings over time due to their longer wear time and the ability to do touch-ups at home.

Overall, the gel manicure process offers a durable and customizable option for nail enhancement with various cost-effective choices for application, maintenance, and removal.


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54 Year Old From Minneapolis, I am A cosmetologist & Wardrobe Stylist, Passed From FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) New York, USA.

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